Disposable ASTM Level 3 Procedure Face Masks

Face masks are essential if you work in the healthcare industry, whether it be in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, or anything else. Not only do they prevent the wearer from potentially harmful contaminants around, but they also protect patients and other people from large droplets, splashes or sprays that come from the wearer’s respiratory system.


All our procedure face masks for sale are designed with your health and safety in mind. Face masks are typically rated with an ASTM level of 1, 2, or 3. Procedure face masks made for medical use should be a level 3. In short, this means that the mask can protect against considerable amounts of fluid that may splash onto the mask through medical procedures, for example. In comparison, an ASTM level 1 earloop procedure face mask may only protect against small amounts of fluid or aerosol contaminants and have a 2 or less ply construction. 


Our ASTM level 3 procedure masks are made with 3 ply non-woven fabric, which is not only resistant to liquid penetration from the outside but absorbs moisture from the inside. To maintain a high level of protection, these fluid resistant procedure masks are made to be disposable after each use.


High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency & Flame Resistance

The middle layer of our procedural earloop masks are made with a polypropylene fabric treated with electret. Because of this, they can withstand a bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency of higher than 98%. This keeps you safe and is an industry standard when it comes to masks used in medical procedures.


Our masks are also able to withstand up to 3 seconds of exposure to direct flames, meaning they will be able to protect you in a wide variety of situations.

Breathable & Comfortable Procedure Masks with Earloops

Along with being suitable for medical use, our procedure masks are designed to be both comfortable and allow near-unobstructed airflow. Soft and elastic earloops on all our procedural masks mean they are easy to put on and stay secure in position, and will not cause discomfort after extended periods of wear.

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Our masks come in cartons that contain 40 boxes of 50 pieces each. Browse our full list of masks on our product page here.


Get in touch with us today for more information about the type of procedure masks we have for sale. We have distribution centers across the globe in North America, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong to enable worldwide distribution. 

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