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Choosing Between Surgical Masks, Procedure Masks

and Respirators

When it comes to choosing the appropriate face mask, there are several options available to you. Each have their own pros and cons and will be best suited to a variety of different tasks.


Medical-grade face masks can be put into three distinct categories: surgical masks, procedure masks, and respirators. In general, disposable surgical face masks and procedure face masks are the most common, with respirators being used in situations where maximum safety is needed.


The Fit

In most cases, disposable surgical and procedure masks are made of similar construction and with the same materials. The defining difference between the two is that procedure face masks have an earloop design, whereas surgical masks tie up at the back of your head. Although disposable surgical face masks can sometimes provide a better and more tight fit, this only happens if they are tied properly. The process is generally more cumbersome than the earloop design often found on procedure masks.


Respirators provide the most airtight fit and the best protection against airborne bacterial and particulate matter. However, they are made to be worn more than once. They also usually fit using straps that go around the back of the head and have been designed to form an airtight seal around the edges of the nose and mouth.


The Materials

Our surgical and procedure masks are made to be fluid resistant and are ASTM Level 3 rated, meaning they are protected against high amounts of aerosol sprays and fluids that may come into contact with the mask. The inner layer is made to be soft for comfort, while the middle layer filters out up to 98% of particulate matter between 0.1 and 0.3 microns in size.


Many respirations are made out of the same materials and polypropylene layer for filtration purposes but are often more rigid to ensure a tighter fit. 

Where Are Each Typically Used?

Our earloop face masks are medical grade and can be used in a variety of surgical, clinical and healthcare situations.


While respirators are typically reserved for the most hazardous of environments where the utmost protection is needed, surgical and procedure masks can be worn in a wide variety of situations. They provide ample protection where needed, and are the choice of doctors, veterinarians, healthcare workers and more around the world. 

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